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January 13, 2013

Hi, Welcome to my blog :)

I'm Uswatun Khasanah. I've been blogging since 2010 and still like to write. I feel an amazing feeling, when I read my post two, five, or even ten years ago.  It brings back memories of something I've tried or done or passed. My blog become a documentation for things that I have been through.

I lived in Jakarta as a student at the University when I started this blog by ofisuredii.blogspot.com. I never thought that this blog would be one of my freelancer jobs. I was active as a beauty blogger at that time, then it changed to ofisuredii.com.

Why ofisuredii?
Ofisuredii is a Japanese word, which means office lady. I didn't remember why I bumped into this word, maybe because I like reading comic and watching anime.

I moved to Sintang, Kalimantan Barat/West Borneo, because I got job there as a government officer. Sintang is one of regency in Kalimantan Barat. Sintang distance from Pontianak is 322 km. At that time, it took 7-9 hours from Pontianak by car. Now, it only takes 6 hours by car/bus or 45 minutes by plane. In 2015, I started making videos on ofisuredii youtube channel. I stopped producing videos and neglecting my blog in 2017. That time, I decided more focusing in real life than online.

I got unexpected news in 2019, which I should move to Semarang. I plan to start writing blog more often. I also have starting a freelance job as a makeup artist (MUA). You can check my makeup portfolio at @ofisurediimakeup. I will available to do makeup in Central Java area mostly in Semarang and Purworejo. I can do makeup for any occasion; graduation, photoshoot, bridesmaid, special event and wedding. I glad for making collaboration to make makeup portfolio, just drop me an email at uswatunkhasanah1091@gmail.com.

About this blog

This blog is mostly about beauty stuff. I never thought this blog has lasted more than 10 years. I grew up as a woman who thought that I didn't have any skill. My hobby was reading books, I read any genre book. I feel so overwhelmed because I am not outspoken person, so I started this blog to deliver what in my mind. I have been enjoying so much sharing things in my blog. By the time I got some new experiences from blogging. Even I was neglecting for a while, I haven't planned on stopping shared things that I love; makeup, skincare, books, workout, healthy life, foods, photography, humans life, Muslim religion, etc. Blog is the starting point, many people has been called me as beauty blogger even until now. I am a person who is easily attracted for things that I haven't done before. My passion or hobby is changed overtime, I am easily get bored of something. For photos, it currently takes by Canon EOS 700D.
About me

I am a statistician at Statistics Indonesia (BPS). Don't get me wrong, in fact I rarely share about my real job, I am also enjoy being a statistician. I have huge interest in economics and statistics topics. The reason why I don't share much, because I spent around seven hours five days a week as a statistician. I am an INTP (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) who is logical person. Of course, the most suitable job for a logical person is a statistician, who always uses data in any analysis.
Blogging and doing makeup are something that I need to escape from my routine :)


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