January 13, 2013

www.ofisuredii.com is blog which is related to beauty. I write product review, event report, tutorial, etc. I also write about my personal life like culinary, vacation or fashion. 

♥ All the products are purchased by own money except I get sponsors. If I review sponsor products I will give link back to them or said it sponsored review.

♥ All the reviews are my honest review and I must have own experience about the products. 

♥ All pictures at this blog are mine either I marked or not. If I borrowed pictures or quote articles I will link them back. 

♥ I'm not a doctor or pharmaceutist so all my thought based my own experiences. I don't accept any responsibility for complaining about products that I've written. 

 ♥ All questions from readers will be answered based on my knowledge. 

♥ Please do not copy pictures or articles without any permission. Please contact me first! 



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